Conference Presentations (Selected)

  • [CP004]: Vallabh, C.K.P., and Zhao, X. (2021). In-situ Melt pool Monitoring and Temperature Estimation via Two-wavelength Pyrometry Using a Single Camera. Presented at the 32nd Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, Texas, USA, 2021
  • [CP003]: Zhao, X. (2020). Introduction of ZIP-AM Laboratory. ASPE Summer Topical Workshop on Additive Manufacturing. Virtual online.
  • [CP002]: Zhao, X. (2018). Towards Intelligent Precision Additive Manufacturing – a case study on interferometry sensor data mining for in-process 3D measurement of photopolymerized part dimensions. The International Conference in Additive and Bio- Manufacturing, Beijing, China. (Awardee of “Young Investigator Award”)
  • [CP001]: Zhao, X. (2017). Real-time metrology for photopolymer additive manufacturing with exposure controlled projection lithography. ACS (American Chemical Society) National Meeting & Exposition.San Francisco, CA. (Awaredee of “Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research” )