As always, Dr. Zhao’s ZIP-AM laboratory welcomes self-motivated students and researchers at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc, etc.) who are interested in advanced manufacturing research, novel products realization, and precision engineering.

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(posted on: 11-26-2022) Openings of Postdoc Associates and PhD Students - Photochemistry, Metallurgy, and Additive Manufacturing

Multiple postdoctoral associate and PhD graduate positions are available in Professor Zhao’s ZIP-AM Lab ( at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at University of Pittsburgh. We are seeking highly motivated individuals in one or several of the following areas.

  • Area #1: Photochemistry (Postdoc preferred)

Required Expertise: Computational chemistry (DFT, etc.), Quantum chemistry, Photo physics, Multiscale modeling, Polymer synthesis,Polymer science and engineering

  • Area #2: Metallurgy (Postdoc preferred) 

Required Expertise: Integrated Computational Material Engineering (CALPHAD, etc.), Physical metallurgy, Microstructure engineering & characterization, Materials science & engineering

  • Area #3: Dynamics and Control

Required Expertise: Control theory and algorithms (e.g., adaptive control, neural network), Control system design and integration (real-time system development, mechatronics, software programming (LabVIEW, Python)), and validation (model simulation and physical experiment)

  • Area #4: Additive Manufacturing Process Modeling

    Required Expertise: Physics-based and data-driven modeling, Computational mechanics, CFD, Thermodynamics, Reactions, Multiphysics modeling & simulation (e.g., COMSOL software)

  • Area #5: Additive Manufacturing Process Measurement

Required Expertise: Optics, Ultrasonics, Measurement science, Sensors, Precision engineering

Successful candidates will have access to novel equipment at Professor Zhao’s ZIP-AM laboratory as well as to state-of-the-art AM systems in the ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Research Laboratory (AMRL) at PITT. Zhao’s team has active and close collaborations with leading national labs, institutes, and companies.

Candidates are desired to have the following qualifications corresponding to their chosen area(s) above.

  • BS/MS/PhD in electrical/computer engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, polymer/material science, mechanical engineering, or other related fields.
  • Mature personality, honesty and integrity, critical thinking
  • Demonstrated theoretical knowledge in mathematics and physics
  • Hands-on experimental skills
  • Strong programming skills, software development experience, engineering software packages
  • Experience in Big data, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, Database (preferred)
  • Knowledge/experience in additive manufacturing or 3D printing (not necessary)
  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team and independently

To apply, interested individuals please email a CV/Resume and transcript with contact information of three references and anticipated start date to Professor Zhao ( Indicate in the email subject with the position (Postdoc or PhD) and specific area(s) you are applying. Please make sure your application package highlights how your background would fit the area(s) of your interest. Send a writing sample of peer-reviewed publications if any. Priority will be given to the earliest available and highly qualified applicants. The review process will start immediately until the openings are filled.  

Thank you for your attention.

(posted on: 11-26-2022) Openings of Senior Undergraduate / Graduate Students with Chemical or Material Science Background

Openings: Senior Undergraduate / Graduate Students with Chemical or Material Science Background
Research Areas: Photopolymerization Process, Ceramic 3D Printing
Requirement: knowledge and experience (or at least interest in learning) about materials formulation, preparation/synthesis, and characterization (Microscopy, testing, FTIR)
Pay: Hour pay at Pitt rate based on the actual work time
Expected Work Time: Undergraduate: >10 hours/week. Graduate: 15-20hours/week.
Period: Fall semester, start immediately.
To apply, interested individual please email a CV and transcript to Dr. Xiayun Zhao ( .