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ZIP-AM Summer Picnic and Farewell Party for Chaitanya (Aug 2022)

ZIP-AM friends and family members had a joyful picnic through the rain and sun on August 7, 2022. We also celebrated ZIP-AM lab's former postdoctoral research fellow and our forever friend Dr. Chaitanya Vallabh for his advancing to a new position. Farewell, Chaitanya. Thank you for your dedicated help and support to ZIP-AM. We sincerely wish you continued success in your future pursuit!

ZIP-AM Lab Get-together (Summer 2022)

ZIP-AM Lab Lunch (Spring 2022)

Shining people rushing through busy experiment and heavy rain to the restaurant at Squirrel Hill. Work hard, and eat happily:)

ZIP-AM Lab Lunch Meeting & Happy Mid-autumn Festival! (Fall 2021)


Group Photo at PITT Cathedral of Learning (Spring 2021)