Education and Outreach Gallery

Dr. Zhao and her ZIP-AM team (postdoctoral fellow Dr. Chaitanya Vallabh and PhD candidate Yue Zhang) co-organized with UPCAM (University of Pittsburgh Center for Advanced Manufacturing) the "Women in 3D Printing Pittsburgh Chapter Meeting" on Mar-3 2022. Dr. Zhao and Yue presented "In-situ Melt Pool Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion AM" and “In-situ Ultrasonic Monitoring of Vat Photopolymerization AM”, respectively. Chaitanya guided the lab tour and introduced our unique STWIP (Single-camera Two-Wavength Imaging Pyrometry) system to the attendees. 


Dr. Zhao taught an undergraduate class of Mechanical Measurements in Fall 2018 (92 students) and 2019 (81 students)

Sample Project: "Effectiveness of Different Colored Curtains"
The purpose is to determine which color curtain will effectively reduce the heat in a room while minimizing the light reduction.


Dr. Zhao presented "Qualification of Additive Manufacturing" to Women in 3D Printing Pittsburgh Chapter Meeting in Mar 2020

Dr. Zhao and her team (Yubo and Chaitanya) held two half-day workshops themed on 3D Printing to the Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania in 2019