Education and Outreach

Dr. Zhao and her ZIP-AM team are committed to integrating their research with undergraduate (UG) and graduate classes, senior design and special projects, research intern programs, as well as a variety of industry and community outreach activities.

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  • Undergraduate Level
MEMS1042 Mechanical Measurements II 
  • Undergraduate Level
MEMS0040 Materials and Manufacturing 
  • Graduate Level (New class created by Dr. Zhao)
ME2088 Advanced Manufacturing Metrology and Process Control
  • Mixed Level as both UG Technical Elective and Graduate Class (New class created by Dr. Zhao)
MEMS1081/ME2081 Smart Manufacturing - Key to Innovations


  • Industry
  • Carnegie Science Museum
  • Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech) 
  • Women in 3D Printing
  • Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania
  • and more...