About Us

Welcome to Dr. Xiayun Zhao's ZXY Intelligent Precision – Advanced Manufacturing (ZIP-AM) Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh!

With key research thrusts to improve and innovate a variety of manufacturing methods, ZIP-AM Lab members ("Zippers") are motivated to bridge the critical gaps within and between two interrelated research lines that are critical in manufacturing process quality assurance and control:

(1) process-structure-property, and

(2) modeling-measurement-control

Harnessing the advancements in data science and computing, Dr. Zhao directs studies on measurement science and metrology systems, advanced control strategies, along with high-fidelity process modeling and simulation, to establish closed-loop processes and systems that feature new capabilities and unusual performance. Meanwhile, capitalizing on fundamental science and multidisciplinary studies, the ZIP-AM team is dedicated to perform convergence research and create novel manufacturing paradigms.

Ultimately, Zippers will demonstrate the application of advanced manufacturing technologies to efficiently realize quality or innovative products for broad industries including those demanding and emerging sectors.